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Training, The Wild Atlantic Way

Joanne Hanrahan

Experiential Outdoor Workshop

Next workshop now available to book.

Autumn/Winter Session Dates TBD

Date: TBD

Meeting 9:30am for briefing over Tea/Coffee and Scones

Price: €120 (6hrs CPD)

Venue: Ennistymon Co. Clare

Delivered & Hosted by Joanne Hanrahan

Max number of participants 10

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Due to Public Health guidance and travel restrictions I was not able to run this course between September 2020 and June 2021.  However following the easing of restrictions I was delighted to able to meet participants face to face in June and again in August 2021, as well as February 2022. The workshop is now coming back on May 8th 2022 and has generated great interest.  Book now to secure your place as spaces are limited to 10 participants. See below for details of what to expect and some previous participant feedback.

Are you a Qualified or Trainee Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Art Therapist or Psychologist interested in integrating nature into your therapy practice or taking therapy sessions outside?  If so this outdoor workshop is a must for you. 

There is much to be reflected on when embarking on therapy outside of the traditional frame of the room.  Consideration must be given to a number of practical issues, client and process suitability as well as important theoretical underpinnings.  Fundamental to Psychotherapy and Counselling is the therapists’ own growth and awareness through personal therapy.  Similarly, in working outdoors with clients, the therapists’ own relationship with nature, their comfort and sense of regulation in natural environments is of paramount importance.

Join me in exploring your own process outdoors, engaging with the natural world and with other like-minded professionals.  This workshop will compliment a core outdoor psychotherapy training or can give you a taster of how it may be to work outdoors prior to considering a further training. If you are already seeing clients outdoors this will provide a space for you to discuss your practice and gain more experience of being a client in the outdoors.  Also very importantly this will be a day to give yourself time to ‘just be’ in nature.

Course Structure:

  • This workshop will be experiential and will be held entirely outdoors in a rich natural space in Ennistymon Co.Clare

  • Participant numbers will be limited to enhance the personal experience and processing time.

  • The day will include a number of nature based exercises and reflection.

  • Time will be given to peer counselling (dyad work) so that you can experience both being therapist and client outdoors and process that experience in the group.

  • The site we will work in holds a waterfall, meandering river, woodlands with a path and a wilder woodland area. 

  • It is also the site on which The Falls Hotel is situated which is where we will meet in the morning for coffee/tea and will have access to toilet facilities etc.

  • Participants will be required to wear suitable outdoor clothing and bring sit mat/portable camping chair – more detail will be given on booking.

 Learning outcomes include:

  • An increased awareness of your own process related to Nature.

  • Experience of nature based exercises.

  • Experience of peer counselling in the outdoors – time in both roles and time to process both.

  • Developing your professional network and matrix of support.

Please contact me at for further information.

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This Course has now been run 5 times and has had great feedback.  I take participant feedback very seriously and continually look to improve the content and delivery.  My last 4 sessions had an average 5 Star rating while the Sept 2020 session earned a 4.6 Star average review.

May 2022

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June 2021

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Aug 2021

5 Star April.PNG

February 2022

5 Star April.PNG

Sept 2020

4.6 Stars.JPG

Class of May 2022

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Class of February 2022

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Class of August 2021


Class of September 2020

Joanne Experiential Workshop Announcemen

Class of June 2021

Experiential Class June 21.PNG

Sample Participant Feedback

· “Thank you Joanne for forging on with your wonderful work in the area of Nature therapy, I'm certainly surrounded by a 'feelgood' aura today!”
· “in light of my experience of this workshop, and previously, of the 3 Day Online Training if there were a variety of workshops similar to today I would jump on the chance to attend, it is hard to find conversations in this area, even in Supervision, so it is great and very enriching to have this.”

"Restfully rewind and great reconnection with myself. Met new colleagues and enjoyed interacting with them. Learned about the process of therapy in nature."

"An increased connection and appreciation for nature. Insight into the practice of nature therapy, including the challenges faced, boundaries involved, and hearing the therapist's experiences were invaluable. Some very helpful recommendations for my future direction, including books and potential job areas. Helpful contacts in my area of interest. Increased awareness of self, and learning that engaging smell whilst walking seems most regulating. Overall, was a great learning experience and I gained much more than can be put into words."

"Experience of working both as a client and therapist in the outdoors and a greater appreciation of both the enhancements and challenges . It deepened my learning from the previous training"

I gained "A trust that the natural environment and what it brings can support therapeutic process."

I gained "A space for myself, outdoors. A sense of a collective. I enjoyed the pair work and working with my companions during these times."

I gained "An insight into the role nature and the outdoors plays in my own life, as a woman and as a therapist. A greater appreciation for the possibilities of using nature and the outdoors in therapy, and the profound effect it can have on the client, both in their process and in the co-created space with the therapist."

I" thoroughly enjoyed the experience Joanne. You are a gifted facilitator and passionate about the work. This translates to the workshop and thus to the experience of everyone. Thank you"

I gained "Confidence to start planning some outdoor sessions and a lovely day of self care"

"I loved the gentle pace of the whole day. Group was a perfect size. Excellent location. A 2 day event would be very welcome"

"It was good to be with others outside. I liked the exercises and the whole day ran very smoothly. I never felt rushed or indeed that there was too much time for things. You organised things very well and you have an easy style which allows people to settle into the work. Well done."

"It was my first experience of working outdoors and I wanted to see how I would be in this new therapy setting. I respond best to learning by doing so for me it was the best way to try this out. You could not have learnt this from a book! Plus I felt completely safe and held in the group and the facilitator."

I gained "A broader perspective on ways of working. And a renewed appreciation for nature."

I gained "The freedom to use nature and trust the work can still be done."

I gained an "Experience of outdoor work Met good people Felt included."

I gained a "Deeper reconnection to nature. Experience of being a therapist in nature. It answered questions I had and created new ones."

"It was great to connect with Nature. Hear the birds. Watch the bareness of the trees and see some little shoots of growth"

"Personal processing the symbolism of the work was a joy"
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