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Training, The Wild Atlantic Way

Joanne Hanrahan

Online Ecotherapy CPD Core Training


Autumn/Winter 2022 Dates To Be Confirmed Shortly 

Next Date: TBD

Price: €300 (15Hrs CPD)

Delivered & Hosted by Joanne Hanrahan

Max number of participants 10

  • This is a 15 hour Continued Professional Development online Ecotherapy programme suitable for Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Psychologists, Medical and allied Medical professionals along with Social Work and Care professionals and those in the field of Education

  • We will explore your own relationship with the natural world, theory, research and the clinical basis and practicalities around either bringing your clients outdoors or bringing a more ecological lens to your indoor work. 

  • You will get to experience a deeper connection with nature both in your own garden during the online sessions.

Join me in exploring how you can bring nature more into your practice through the development of your unique professional and personal experiences.

Course Structure:

  • This unique course is developed to allow participants to engage in a very interesting blended learning experience. 

  • It is designed as a highly interactive small group training which will include periods of outdoor time. 

  • Participants will engage with natural environments local to them during the course – this may be a garden, local park, country road etc. 

  • Further outdoor experiences will be encouraged between workshops.

Learning outcomes include:

  • An increased awareness of your own process related to Nature.

  • A clear sense of how and why you may develop your Outdoor/Nature practice.

  • An understanding of the practical implications of taking your clients outdoors.

  • An understanding of the background, research and literature relevant to integrating Nature to your practice.

  • An increased awareness of the wider ‘Green Care’ and ‘Ecotherapy’ context.

  • Knowledge of outdoor clinical practice vignettes.

  • Integration of this approach with your own model and theoretical lens.

  • Developing your professional network and matrix of support.


Please contact me by email at for further information

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Class of September 2021

This Course has now been run 7 times and has had great feedback.  I take participant feedback very seriously and continually look to improve the content and delivery.  See below selection of feedback comments.

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Class of January 2022

Class of May 2022

May 22 Core Training.JPG

This Course has now been run 7 times and have had great feedback.  I take participant feedback very seriously and continually look to improve the content and delivery.  See below selection of feedback comments.

May 2022

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January 2022

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September 2021

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May 2021

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April 2021

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February 2021

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November 2020

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Class of May 2021

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Class of November 2020

Joanne Outdoor Core Therapy Announcement

Class of February 2021

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Class of April 2021

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Sample Participant Feedback

“I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. I thought the experiential side was excellent and not having too many slides even better. Loved the reading recommendations and ideas around exercises”.
"Absolutely outstanding workshop, very informative, educational and engaging. Great guidance to the practice and resources. This workshop covered more than I was expected and gave me clarity on the practice side of outdoor therapy."
"I really enjoyed the course. It was my first experience of working outdoors. I feel so confident after the course.I will definitely include outdoor psychotherapy in the list of services I offer. I found Joanne to be a very practical person , who is truly passionate about her subject. She has the ability to inspire other to take psychotherapy out of our counselling rooms into the great outdoors"
"Amazing course with the perfect balance of information, practical experience and group connection with Joanne's inspiring and passionate energy, knowledge and wisdom. Thank you so much! the seeds have been planted x"
"Really enjoyed experience and loved the balance of academic and nature experiential work. Upon reflection the growth was amazing"
"I have to admit that I was not expecting to learn as much as I did over the three days. It was a rich and loaded experience that I will always have. The exercises that we took part in were really thought provoking and eye opening to say the least, and working outdoors with a peer through phone or video chat was an amazing experience for me, changing roles from therapist to client was also an extremely valuable experience to be part of. I would really recommend this workshop to anyone really. If you are looking to connect or reconnect with nature or the natural world in any way I think that this workshop is an excellent choice, its not in any way complicated but its so full of great ideas, literature, self discovery, self care and wonderful people and the knowledge to be gained from it is immeasurable. Joanne has put together a really fantastic workshop that I can only see growing and expanding because of what it offer"
"The best CPD course I ever did worth every penny and I am feeling very heard by all and in awe of how this beautifully presented course has impacted me on such a positive level. Thankyou Joanne the best to you"
"I loved being outside and it provided me with the opportunity to identify how free I can be both as client and therapist to engage in this way both as client work and supervision. The possibility of combining virtual/outdoor sessions is a new concept for me."

"Very practical, focused & interactive outdoor therapy training experience with an outstanding tutor and empathic group of colleagues. Would highly recommend for all therapists, thank you for a fabulous three days Joanne."

"I feel I was brought into a whole new world of possibilities for working with clients that makes so much sense. The pace of the delivery was perfect and allowed time for processing our own experience in nature and considering how we will incorporate it in client work. A fantastic training so well put together and delivered. Thank you Joanne!"
"I feel I've gained the confidence on how to bring my psychotherapy practice outdoors and how to bring nature indoors too"

"I have really started to look at my own interaction and connection with nature. I am focused now on bringing the inside out and the outside in, but for me first, and then moving onto client work."

"Although I know that nature is good for my own process, I've become aware how to use it at a deeper level."

"The outdoor activities were very enjoyable and stirred up more emotions than I thought they would or that I was prepared for."
"I have a much better idea now about the type of work I wou
ld like to do with clients and the way I would like to work with them especially incorporating nature into the work."

"A lovely mix of content and process and great to connect with such a varied group. The practical tips were very useful and I really enjoyed the outdoor exercises."

"Joanne i really enjoyed workshop, I really like your very relaxed way of delivering it, helped me be at ease.  I look forward to doing some work and also spending a day in Clare when that becomes possible, thank you 

"loved your course Joanne, great structure, informative and a good balance between outside exercises and coming together on screen, really well held, thank you!"

"I really enjoyed the course and you put it together beautifully. I feel my roots are growing. I also think the amount of time (18 hours) and the cost is
manageable. Thank you very much!"

"A lovely mix of content and process and great to connect with such a varied group. The practical tips were very useful and I really enjoyed the outdoor exercises."

"Great mixture of experiential and theory , group  and small number process .Well held "
"Really good balance, inspiring and empowering, thanks Joanne"

"My exiting word on this course was "bountiful ". I connected even further with nature and its endless resources. Joanne is a great facilitator."

"I found the training excellent. It was very relaxed and I loved the experiential element to it. I would highly recommend the training"

"Really enjoyed this course so much. Inspired me and encouraged me into seriously thinking about outdoor therapy. Thank you, a great experience."
"it was very well facilitated and informative. I feel I got the experience I was expecting when I booked."


"Well done, lovely pace, great people, sensitively done. Thanks!!!!"


"Lovely mix of practice and theory, really enjoyed course felt I learned a lot"


"Joanne I found the course beautifully paced and the experiential part was nourishing and regulating …. It was lovely to be with you again and I learnt a lot thank you"

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